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Making money by selling content, products, or services on the side of your full-time job sounds like an easy way to increase your income. But many realize along the way that their ideas don’t work out or they invest way too much money for little return. The problem: “Sidepreneurs” tend to embark on their journey without having a business background. “The Visual MBA” by Jason Barron can help you understand the real costs, opportunities, and traps of a side hustle.

No complicated theories — just the core ideas

I purchased “The Visual MBA” out of curiosity. …

Gaslighting has one ultimate power: It distorts the confidence in your judgment.

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Once it happens to you, you’ll find it hard to trust people and believe in the good things in life. I’ve been in this situation twice and remember the distrust in myself. You can do a few things — and clearly, you must act if you don’t want to succumb to cynicism and bitterness.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting has been used as a buzzword in the last years — often in the political realm. Critics of former US President Donald Trump accused him of gaslighting the public by portraying “alternative facts.” The most famous case has probably been the inauguration ceremony. …

A cautionary tale about adulting

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The baby boomer generation has been subjected to severe criticism. In particular, the younger generations Y and Z express their frustration openly about the boomers’ behavior. The angry voices claim that the now elders led an extraordinary life and only left environmental destruction, a broken job market, and inequality to the following generations.

Yet, the boomers can serve as a great example about adulting lessons.

Boomers are the first fully documented generation — we should take lessons from them

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the YouTube channel of the documentary filmmaker David Hoffmann. He’s been nominated for a Primetime Emmy and now shares old footage from his archive. …

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When do you find the time and space just to be yourself? Not thinking about improving yourself, not working, not stressing about the things you should be doing. More and more people feel trapped between long to-do lists, duties, and meetings. They sacrifice their present for the future to a degree where their current needs disappear. The result: In Western countries, depression, anxiety, and burnout have been on the rise.

More than fatigue

Author Josh Cohen described what burnout is all about in an Economist article. He spoke with a psychiatrist who treats people with burnout. His patients pass a dangerous point beyond…

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Do you love the smell of freshly brewed coffee floating in the air? The aromatic scent of the black beverage has been captivating people for centuries.

In 2012, the famous coffee and doughnut chain Dunkin’ Donuts tried to crack the competitive market in the capital of South Korea, Seoul, by using this popular aroma. Marketing experts blended neuromarketing, radio advertising, and technology into a solution. The key: Picking the right place to capture people’s attention.

South Koreans didn’t associate Dunkin’ Donuts with coffee

Metropolitan cities worldwide are the perfect fertile ground for global café and restaurant chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s, or Burger King. Countless young and middle-aged people…

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You are what you eat” — but what if you don’t know what you are eating?

Health gurus and scientists have been writing for years about the effects of processed foods and excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and fats on human bodies, yet many consumers struggle to find a balanced diet. Misleading labels, false advertising, and marketing tricks can blur your mind when you want to make healthy choices. The non-profit organization Foodwatch has an eye on those marketers and honors the most misleading marketing and ad claims.

Marketers love health-oriented consumers

More and more people have become health-oriented when it comes to their…

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What if you could listen to casual conversations between high-ranking politicians, comedians, or just your neighbors? Would you be interested in joining the conversation from your home just by using your smartphone? The social listening app Clubhouse promises this: Access to relevant insights without attending events or searching for a way to enter exclusive circles.

How does Clubhouse work?

Clubhouse was founded in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and immediately attracted the attention of investors. Less than a year after its launch, experts estimate the value of Clubhouse to be above 100 million Dollars.

What do you do with the app?

The unethical background of the marketing industry

Illustration of the typical 1950’s homemaker doing household chores
Illustration of the typical 1950’s homemaker doing household chores
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The Queen’s Gambit is one of the most popular Netflix productions of 2020. The miniseries isn’t just about a female chess protégée in a male-dominated environment. It is also about female alcoholism and substance abuse. What might appear surprising from today’s perspective is an accurate depiction of how women casually drowned their misery — and how marketers got housewives of the 1950’s and 1960’s drunk.

Alcohol as an Escape From Boring Lives and Social Pressure

Film and art have the great power to convey the spirit of an era. Matthew Winer’s Mad Men not only drew a picture of 1960’s madmen, but the series also showed how accepted daily day-time-drinking…

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We see businesses as part of the solution, and not part of the problem,” Markus tells me. The marketing expert has been working at the Berlin-based startup Einhorn — meaning unicorn — for more than five years. This is why the company allows its employees to work whenever they want and take as many days off as they want — yet nobody takes advantage of an infinite vacation. In fact, most people don’t take more days off than the average employee in any other company.

Sustainability as a core value

How is it possible that in the middle of Berlin’s dynamic startup ecosystem, a company…

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Dear readers of Work Today,

I’ve observed something: For many, the effect of the holidays has already disappeared only two weeks into the year. Work routines have this power to take away the feelings of rest and calm.

It might be the rat race or a personal ambition that can exhaust us, yet many are trying to build a better work-life. This week’s contributions and picks are reflecting those attempts.

Considering that I only started this publication a few weeks ago, I’m incredibly thrilled that there seems to be an interest in the ideas and contributions on Work Today.

Alice Greschkow

Book lover, business & economics enthusiast observing work, life and power. LinkedIn Top Voice 2020

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