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Cooking startups are creating robots that can cook pizza, pasta dishes and curries. They never get sick, never miscalculate the ingredients and consistently deliver the same result. But chefs don’t need to fear those advancements — fast-food employees, on the other hand, should prepare for a massive disruption.

A pizza vending machine popped up in Rome

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In 2017, I was furious: Real estate millionaire Tim Gurner had the audacity to tell millennials to stop ordering avocado toast if they wanted to have more money.

How ignorant can he be? Doesn’t he know that millennials are poorer than former generations because of crazy housing prices, crippling debt, and stagnating wages,’ I furiously typed on Twitter.

One pandemic later, I have to admit — he was somewhat correct.

Before my fellow millennials start typing furiously into the comment section, as I did back then, let me first elaborate on what I mean.

Yes, we were very consumerists

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Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.

It’s been half a century since Janis Joplin’s raspy voice delivered this famous line in her all-time classic “Me & Bobby McGee.” While the summer of love and the flippant hippie lifestyle might belong to the past, the message still rings true. Freedom is not about possessions and the digits on your bank account. It’s the ability to change your life — regardless of what other people expect you to do.

Money dependency doesn’t equal freedom

Many people believe that freedom is about money.

If you have a lot of money…

Because women have different professional biographies than men

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Everything new and fresh creates a particular fascination. Journalists and employers love to discuss every young generation in length. After a decade of scrutiny of the millennials, now Gen Z can feel the hype around their youth. New and young things carry a hidden promise of change, progress, fresh perspectives, and wisdom. Therefore, young start-up founders receive more attention than senior ones. But this focus on youth creates unrealistic standards — in particular for women.

Most women have different professional biographies

Nowadays, the iconic career trajectory looks something like this:

  1. Graduate from college (or drop out if you really have…

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Amazon is one of the greatest winners of the Covid pandemic. A leader in retail in many countries, Amazon strengthened its position even more in 2020. Revenue soared by 38 percent, net profit increased by 84 percent. The company’s luxurious position makes it one of the defining leaders for the future of work.

Amazon proves how a data-driven retail platform can create jobs. In the middle of May, the corporation announced that it would create 75,000 jobs in the US and Canada and 10,000 jobs in the UK. By hiring dozens of thousands of logistics workers during the pandemic, Amazon…

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The New York Times recently published a piece on demographic change. The authors explain that China’s population will halve to 700 million this century and that in 2020, the US reported the lowest fertility rate in decades. Ghost towns, closed daycare centers, retirement villages — we can hardly imagine most of the consequences of demographic change.

Demographic change is not a new topic. Researchers have long expected a noticeable effect from the aging of society. The fact is: more people will die than babies will be born in the coming decades, almost everywhere in the world. …

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Long before the Covid-19 pandemic fuelled remote work and the gig economy, travel influencers and content creators lived the dream of countless youngsters. All they need is a smartphone, a camera, and a laptop to entertain millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. They pioneered with a work life which functioned with little to no direct contact.

However, this lifestyle regularly leads to scandals: To satisfy the demands of their followers, influencers are pushing the boundaries of their work. As The Guardian reported, Balinese citizens and politicians are facing a growing number of violations by influencers. …

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For a decade, artificial intelligence has been dominating tech headlines. Is AI just a hype? Will it transform our entire life just as electricity did? Are we going to lose our jobs? Should we be afraid of robots that are more intelligent than humans?

Like many people, I’ve read articles on those topics without actually knowing what AI is. I studied international relations and political science and couldn’t be further away from coding languages except for the basic HTML skills I acquired to improve my first WordPress blog.

After all, I don’t need to understand how AI exactly works to…

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Making money by selling content, products, or services on the side of your full-time job sounds like an easy way to increase your income. But many realize along the way that their ideas don’t work out or they invest way too much money for little return. The problem: “Sidepreneurs” tend to embark on their journey without having a business background. “The Visual MBA” by Jason Barron can help you understand the real costs, opportunities, and traps of a side hustle.

No complicated theories — just the core ideas

Gaslighting has one ultimate power: It distorts the confidence in your judgment.

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Once it happens to you, you’ll find it hard to trust people and believe in the good things in life. I’ve been in this situation twice and remember the distrust in myself. You can do a few things — and clearly, you must act if you don’t want to succumb to cynicism and bitterness.

What is gaslighting?

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